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Venkatachalapathi D V Bio

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Venkatachalapathi is a first generation entrepreneur. After his graduation from engineering in computer science started teaching in computer science for a year. With vision and ambition to achieve something and with the able father backing, he started a software company with his professor who taught him in the engineering during the year 1995-96. The first proprietary software product from the company was successfully released during 1997 called VSIM (Vikas Simulator) and sold to all the engineering colleges across country. From that point Vikas (Vikas Global solutions Ltd. and subsidiaries) grown in to formidable group.

The group has diversified into software, telecom, retail, infrastructure, power and education. Currently the entire group employed close to 400 personal in various verticals. It is generating close 2000 people indirect employment through its partner network spread across pan India, Nepal, US and Australia.

Till today Venkatachalapathi has the track record of successfully running and taking forward all the group companies. His job involves strategic management, future direction and hand holding of all the group companies.

Since the beginning he felt education to the needy will uplift the entire society and country. He started world class education under graduation, Graduation and post graduation, in Technology, Engineering, Hospitality and General education in partnering with Govt. Universities. So far close to over 15000 students are graduated from group institutions and the numbers are growing exponentially every year.

Throughout the period and till now venkatachalapathi has been involved in philanthropic pursuits. He has constructed a temple and a community center in his father’s native place where lot of marriages will be held free. He also involved in running an old age home from past 10 years which is providing free shelter and food to a needy people. He is also taking care of close to 50 needy students from poor economic background providing education scholarships every year from past 7 years. His other activities include mass community services and charity donations when the need arises.

His other interests include music, reading, Agriculture farming, travelling and sports.