JanMitr Bano Unnati Karo

Terms and Conditions

1. JanMitr will work as an independent person as per policies and schemes of JanMitr Project solely at the pleasure of P C Training Institute Limited (PCTI) and its management.

2. JanMitr will work only as an entrepreneur/volunteer under JanMitr Project and will not claim any rights and privileges available to an employee of PCTI

3. JanMitr will not make any claims against PCTI or any of its associates for any loss or damage incurred directly/indirectly by him/her while performing as Janmitr.

4. Any equipment provided by PCTI to JanMitr is the property of PCTI. JanMitr will not claim the same as his/ her property.

5. Janmitr will not collect any fee/ charges/ money in cash or kind from any person/families including recipient of services/ products while performing his/her role as JanMitr.

6. In case of any kind of discrepancies or default in compliance of terms and conditions stated in this document or elsewhere, Janmitr will be solely responsible and he/she will be liable for action as per the laws of the country. He/she will also be liable to any disciplinary action by PCTI including termination, withdrawal of ID card and removal of his/her name from the list of JanMitrs from the portal.

7. If after termination, the JanMitr continues to perform and present himself/herself as JanMitr, then he/she will be liable to penal action as per laws of the country.

8. KYC Requirements/ Verification

  • (i)JanMitr will submit any information, personal and family particulars and document/ID proof, as demanded by PCTI from time to time to update the JanMitr data
  • (ii)In addition, JanMitr will also complete the video verification including display of original ID documents on the video.

9. JanMitr will not share any information/details/data of persons/ families enrolled as beneficiaries for services and products and also of JanMitrs created, with any third party without specific approval in writing from PCTI. Granting the permission will be at the sole discretion of PCTI.

10. The decision in any matter relating to JanMitr, their functioning, policies, schemes, programs and their appointment/ termination as Janmitr will be at the sole discretion of PCTI.

11. Any dispute arising out of the JanMitr Project shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi only.

12. PCTI will not be responsible for any loss/ damage directly/ indirectly caused to any persons/ families on account of services/ products provided by JanMitr to them or for any loss/damage directly/ indirectly caused to any third persons/ families on account of such services/ products.

13. If any JanMitr chooses to withdraw from the JanMitr program, then his/her account will be settled at the end of Financial Year during which the services are withdrawn.

14. PCTI has issued various Schemes, policies and guidelines for registration of JanMitr, their functioning, award of credits and its redemption, rewards and incentives and overall operation of JanMitr project. All such policies and guidelines together with terms and conditions mentioned therein, would form part of these terms and conditions.

15. PCTI has the right to withdraw/ modify/cancel any of the schemes, policies, guidelines and terms and conditions relating to JanMitr Project at any time, without any prior notice.

16. PCTI may add/ modify/withdraw any of the terms and conditions as it may deem fit from time to time for smooth functioning of JanMitr project, without any prior notice.

17. The JanMitr project, its design and its contents are the intellectual property owned solely and exclusively by PCTI.

18. JanMitr is a concept initiated by PCTI with twin objectives of providing last mile delivery of healthcare and education services to the neediest person located in the farthest and remotest corner of the country and to provide self-sustained employment/ entrepreneurship opportunities to the people in the unemployed societies.

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