Why we are ?

This Project is purely for helping the masses and the needy, who are deprived of all the services including healthcare that are easily available to the privileged urban class.

It is for the benefit of weaker sections of the society, including tribal and indigenous communities, urban slum dwellers and persons living in resettlement colonies.

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Career Guidance Assessment

  • Know your best career options
  • 100 percent scholarship for a limited period

Nano Entrepreneur Assessment

  • Know your best career options
  • 100 percent scholarship for a limited period


Educational Helps

To keep pace with the dynamics of an ever-changing and evolving canvas of delivering education and skills development, the Project aims to promote the education, health, talent and life skills development among the under privileged sections of the society to bring them at par with the better-off. The following are some of the significant features of this Project:

  • Hybrid Mode of Teaching and Training
  • Blended & Virtual Mode of Teaching and Training
  • Skill Development Training Projects
  • Talent Development Programmes
  • Life Skills, Soft Skills & Basic Healthcare Training, Workshops, Camps and Webinars
  • Capacity Building Projects
  • Virtual School Platform (to enable schools to conduct virtual classes for their students from grade 1 to 12)
  • Virtual School Plus (to support the students after the regular school hours)
  • Virtual Classroom 2020 Programme (to train teaching fraternity to deliver education through online platforms)
  • Corporate Training and Psychometric Assessments
  • LMS Platform (offers over 150 high-end professional programs including programs on Artificial Intelligence, technology, management)
  • E-Content Development


Medical Help
Medical Help

To provide healthcare to those who need it the most and cannot afford it, be it consultation, testing, medicines or hospitalization. Key Points of the Project:

  • Due to lack of expert medical consultancy, no one should ever suffer especially the weaker and less privileged sections of the Society.
  • If the patient is unable to go to the doctor, the doctor should attend the patient at home.
  • Prevent loss of wages. When a daily wager goes to hospital, he ends up spending the whole day and loses his daily wages. That should not happen.
  • Connect the patient with the doctor through visit by trained mobile nurse/paramedic.
  • Paramedic connects the patient with chemist to deliver the medicines through organized delivery channel.
  • Paramedic monitors the health of patient and maintains connectivity with the doctor till the patient is completely cured.
  • The above is very relevant and need of the hour during the COVID pandemic to lessen the load on existing health infrastructure.
  • More services can be added based on specific requirements on case to case basis.

Conceptualization of the Project

P C Training Institute Limited (PCTI) is highly experienced in providing services and products in the field of healthcare, education, skill trainings and veteran care to the most needy sections of the society. This has led to the creation of concept of JanMitr.
JanMitr is a common person and/or his family members willing to work at urban and rural area. He/She and/or his/ her family members are trained to provide door-to-door services and products to the needy. After the completion of the required training, JanMitr is able to provide support to the society in urban and rural areas. The contact number 9090040029 is assigned and circulated to the people so that they can connect to the Janmitr of their requisite area. In this way the needy is able to contact the Janmitr for various products and services as per his/her requirements. The JanMitr is also working in other key areas viz Education, Health, Training, Agriculture, Environment, Technology etc. with a view to become self-sustainable entrepreneur.

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