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JanMitr - the Concept The concept of JanMitr is born out of the heart- touching spirit that many hands when join together to serve the society with their time and dedication, it leads to building of a happy, healthy and prosperous nation.

PC Training Institute Limited (PCTI) is highly experienced in providing services and products in the field of healthcare, school education, higher education, skill development and veteran care to the most needy sections of the society. To enable the last mile delivery of these services to the farthest and the last corner of the country, the concept of JanMitr has been initiated by PCTI.

JanMitr is any person- student, entrepreneur, employed/ unemployed, housewife, senior citizen and social worker, willing to work in urban and rural area. He/she is trained to connect with the persons in need of services in the field of school education, higher education, skill development, healthcare and veteran care. After the completion of the required training, JanMitr is able to provide support to the society by enabling the needy to avail the required services and products in urban and rural areas. The contact number 9090040029 is circulated to the people to connect to the Janmitr of their requisite area. The JanMitr, in addition to the above sectors of education, healthcare and veteran care is also working in other key areas viz Training, Agriculture, Environment, Technology etc. with a view to become self-sustainable entrepreneur

JanMitr Samudaay:

  • 1. To start work, JanMitr has to:
    • 1.1 Send a request and register himself as JanMitr.
    • 1.2 Create a Samudaay consisting of minimum 5 families’ Heads or Coordinators.
    • 1.3 Name the Samudaay by any unique name of single word, subject to availability of the name on the JanMitr portal and register the name on the Portal.
    • 1.4 Add family members of the family coordinators as beneficiaries.
  • 2. For detailed information, kindly visit our website www.janmitr.com

Brief About PC Training Institute Limited (PCTI)- The Initiator of the JanMitr Concept PC Training Institute Limited (PCTI) is in existence for the past thirty two years. It is engaged in various fields including delivery of education involving reputed Universities such as Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) etc. It also has its own Learning Management System (LMS platform) and is working in various skill development and capacity building projects sanctioned by Central and State Governments as well as Corporate world. PCTI has, over the past 10 years, provided education and skill training to over three lac candidates.

PCTI also provides Health Care Products and Services to reputed organizations such as Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), Spicejet, ICICI Bank, Indian Army, Varishth Nagrik Care Society, etc. Further, PCTI is training JanMitr to provide healthcare and other services and products to the needy.

For detailed information of our organization, kindly visit our website www.pctiltd.com


  • 1. Any Student, Entrepreneur, Employed/ Unemployed, Housewife, Senior Citizen and Social Worker may become JanMitr.
  • 2. He/she should have Smart Phone with internet connectivity
  • 3. No minimum academic qualifications required.
  • 4. No age bar.
  • 5. Video Verification of the person along with original ID documents


  • 1. Training is provided online and/or face-to- face as per requirement
  • 2. Trained JanMitr is provided with Training Participation Certificate, ID Card and E-Visiting Card on enrolment as JanMitr
  • 3. E-Visiting Card will have only one central contact number 90900 40029 for smooth coordination and delivery of services/ products. Individual numbers will not be given.
  • 4. Training can be provided from time to time as per requirement.

Services Sectors for JanMitr In the area of School Education, Higher Education, Skill Development, Healthcare services and products and Veteran Care.

Services by JanMitr:

  • 1. Guidance and mentoring to all needy in the above service sectors.
  • 2. Career guidance for students.
  • 3. Telemedicine and need based services for senior citizens/ veterans.
  • 4. Providing quality products of daily usage including healthcare products.


  • 1. JanMitr is awarded credits for the services/work done by them.
  • 2. The monetary value of the credit
    • 1 Credit = Rs 5.00
  • 3. Policy for award of credits/ benefits for various services are available on the website https://www.janmitr.com

Award of Star Ratings:

  • 200 credits—1 Star
  • 400 credits—2 Star
  • 600 credits—3 Star
  • 800 credits—4 Star
  • 1000 credits—5 star

Periodic Prizes: Prizes as per various schemes will be announced from time to time in the meetings of JanMitr.

Mega Prizes: Lucky draws will be held every quarter to announce the Mega Prize.

Redemption of Credits: On quarterly basis, the account will be settled with a cut-off dates which are as follows

  • 5th January, 5th April, 5th July and 5th October of the year
  • Value of credits in money will be transferred to JanMitr’s bank account and/or in kind to the JanMitr as per the Policy/ terms and conditions, updated from time to time.

Technology Support: JanMitr will function with log-in account on JanMitr portal and will have access to details/ updates about the family coordinators, beneficiaries, services registered/ delivered, credits earned and all other required/ periodic information/ details.

For Further Details Regarding JanMitr
Call/WhatsApp : 9090040029
Write to : contact@janmitr.com
Register www.janmitr.com

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