JanMitr Bano Unnati Karo

Career Guidance Assessment

Who we are today is a product of our thinking of the past

What we will become in the future will be the result of what we are thinking today.

If a person starts working according to his/her personality and intellectual thinking, then he/she will start loving that work and if he/she makes that work, his/her goal then he/she will definitely start moving towards the direction of success and will definitely be able to register his/her name in the list of successful people.

Can you recall the name of some successful people? If yes, then just consider why and how they became successful. If at a certain time in life you realize where you are and where you want to go, then your chances of being successful increase considerably.

We request parents, guardians and teachers to motivate children to achieve the appropriate goals in life, and make them aware of the suitable career choices and help them to make the right choice so that they become successful in their life and the good citizens of the country; moreover it is our prime social responsibility, being a responsible citizen of the country. Going into the depths of mind, anybody can identify his/her talents and using these talents and skills, he/she can make impossible things possible.

Fill this Career Guidance form Test given below with comprehensive true details so that we can help you choose the right career in life by understanding your life interests.

If you answer these questions fairly, we can predict the progressive direction for the participant with 100% accuracy. Would you like to know? If yes, hurry up! Let’s start this test.

There will be no right or wrong answer; it’s all about your interests in life. Tick the correct box carefully, accurately and honestly.